Archive items in Outlook

Select one or more =
messages in your Inbox or other folder to archive.

In the=C2=A0Delete=C2=A0group,=
select=C2=A0Archive. You can =
also use the Backspacekey to immediately archive one or more selected =

Note:=C2=A0For Microsoft 365, Exchange, =
Exchange Online, and Outlook.com accounts, your=C2=A0Archive=C2=A0folde=
r already exists, even if you've never used the feature before. =
You'll find it in your Outlook folder list.=C2=A0If you don't =
see the folder and you're using Outlook 2016 or Outlook for =
Microsoft 365, go to=C2=A0File=C2=A0>=C2=A0Office =
Account=C2=A0>=C2=A0Update =
>=C2=A0Update =

Your =
messages=C2=A0will be moved to the Archivefolder. If you archive a =
message by mistake, go to the Archivefolder and move the message back to =
your Inbox.

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